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Used Literature:


1. Homelessness | (Public Policies and Private Troubles)
2. Spirit Medicine | By Dr. Alberto Viloldo
3. The way of the superior man | By David Deida
4. Secrets of meditation | By Davidchi
5. Life-Changing Foods | By Anthony William
6. Psychology of Everyday Life | By Marko Munjiza
7. Psychology of Behavior (3rd edition) | By Neil R. Carlson
8. Positive Living and Health (Complete guide) | By The Editors of Prevention Magazine and The Center for Positive Living.
9. Zodiac and The Sun Signs | By Natasha Radic
10. 1001 Ways to Heal  | Medical Book - Belgrade
11. The puzzle of raising a young child  | By Dr. Olga Hadzi Antonovich

YouTube Channels:

1. Robin Sharma's Channel
2. Actualized