A Description of what we focus on, in each of our categories:

Spirituality - Even though many of us are putting aside spirituality and focus on the "real" things in the world today, you have to admit that there is no body without a soul. Expand your view in this filed by reading our posts in Spirituality!

Human Behavior - Find out more about human behavior in groups, as well as in performing individual tasks. Learn more about your brain, about your body language, learn to recognize the feedback from your surroundings. We will place a big focus on raising your child, building strong family bonds, as well as social norms and issues of today. Our main goal with this Category would be: how we can affect and upgrade our understanding of this world, how to improve our everyday life, how to improve our society. We believe that can be accomplished by building ourselves into more knowledgeable, generous, understanding and loving as humans.

Astrology - Is it a superstition? A myth? We believe if our ancestors were able to benefit by looking at the stars, why cannot we do the same? Most successful business and teams are formed based on Astrology's readings. Did you know that in Japan, famous for its productivity and efficiency, working teams are formed based on Astrology readings? You can also learn more about your star sign, and you can take a look at the signs for the people who surround you. Based on those, and more facts, you can make a conclusion by yourselves. We believe the star pattern, is deep inside every individual. That reflects on likes and dislikes the person has, also displaying different type of behavior in different situations. One more way to understand how to build and maintain strong bonds between your friends, family and loved ones.

Health - Here we will discuss more about our physical body, the connection between the body and the mind, preventive medicine. We will also provide a lot of ancient and alternative medicine ways of healing your body and mind. "Health is the crown on the well person’s head that only the ill person can see." – Robin Sharma

Connection - a portion of our site where will do our best to combine all of our publications.  We will try to find the correlation between Health and Human Behavior, and how Astrology affects Human Behavior as an individual as well in a group, can Astrology help an individual to get to know himself, and guide him to his spiritual path? Also, we will analyze does really Spirituality benefits your Health, and is it possible for some people to be more spiritual in their essence, based on their Astrology calendar? We will try to go a step further and try to answer a few other questions. Questions like: why are we so different from any other leaving being on this planet? Where does our IQ come from? Is the ability to think makes us noble or cursed?  How did we evolve to the humans we are today?

All the books under our Credits section are full of amazing information and are written by amazing people. We would warmly recommend any of them. Find the topic you are interested in and go for it. The book that catches your attention, is probably the one you need to grow.