Human Behavior vs Money

Let us face it Money makes the world go around. Reading and trying to better your self physically, spiritually and emotionally, unless you live in a monastery or complete isolation, money will be really important in your growth and in your everyday life.

One of the key aspects people renounce a religion or a system of believes that they had is because of their finances. Most religions and spiritual enlightenment courses teach us that money is obsolete and the most important thing for you is to be enlightened. So why are they asking for money? Charity work and donations? Why do you need to pay your spiritual advisor? In this aspect, they go against what they teach. Result? People see that and say well this is “bullshit” and they leave. Even though leaving them, is not a good idea, because the decision a person makes to leave his spiritual path for financial gain it will turn him into something we see a lot today. Greedy people with no emotions. So where is the middle?

Where does these two come across? One of the most difficult things is keeping the balance. Walking on the middle of the glass is far more difficult than for you to decide, whether you will leave your emotions and spiritual self so you can focus on your financial goals, or will you lock yourself somewhere far from civilization to lead peaceful and spiritually rich life.
Personal Experience related to this topic
I am at a point in my life where I recently got married, and my wife and I bought a house. The issue came when we realized that the previous owner had a small debt associated to the house. Long story short we can either go to court, or turn his debts to a debt collector. And result, he and his family will lose his current home if he does not pay, and on top of that the interest of the money he will have to pay back is enormous. So where is my middle, I was aggressive enough to be able to buy a house and now I am in the position where I can leave someone homeless. This has been a burden that I carry, and a struggle that I have with myself. Even though my decision will not be generally accepted by 99% of the people, I have decided not to go through.
As you know what goes around comes around. Reading all those books, I realized that everyone is connected. Just having negative thoughts for someone will interfere with that person's inner peace, and then comes gossip which is much worse. So what will happen to me if I proceed? I will fill myself with anger and hatred that will disturb my inner peace, then anger will make me perform poorly at doing my job that I love. That will lower my income, and how I interact with people, and I will end up losing my cool and cheerful personality. Also, it will be a problem to gain new friends because no one likes bitter people. Proceeding with this will turn away the money flow I have now, it will change me for the worse. My ego will take over my actions and after that, there are no rules. So does this person worth it, me doing all that? Most certainly does not.
Let us analyze the attitude people have towards money.
Greenall emotions that run around money are scarcity, fear, possessiveness and recently I realized some people are repulsed by money. Only the people that have respect for them, have them. One thing we all have to realize is that money and making money is a game. What do you do when you cannot pass a level on candy crush? You try again. Yes, you get little disappointed but try again with a better approach. Also playing many times, if you played 100 times, and I played once you most certainly have better chance to pass that level than I can. So there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is if a money is a game then It can be learned, and the bad news is that you have to be persistent and try many times. And the other rule I also find really important is what are the emotions you relate to money. Having feelings of scarcity, fear, possessiveness, repulsiveness and other negative feelings will just end up in a bad result on your income.
What are the emotions and attitude that needs to be a part of your making money strategy?
Accept that money making is a game. Learn the game, and try as many times as you can. You should realize that most of those tries will be a failure. Do not be boring, having money does not mean putting everything in a bank for rainy days, having an emergency fund is a good idea but placing everything there will make you possessive and that is one of the reasons for the money flow to avoid you. Do not be a hater, negative emotions related to money will end up you not having any. Learn what you are good at and try to learn the money game in your field (accounting, gaming, online businesses etc.). Access to information is really important, before you start a business you want to make sure you have all the information regarding your investment (good and bad). Stay humble, energized and positive around them.

We would like to thank one of our readers for sharing his experience with us regarding this topic. In our last section, we relate to the following YouTube video: The 20 Rules of Money. Feel free to give your opinion related to this subject in the comment section below.

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