Dealing with Back Pain & Prevention

My back is killing me! How many of us wish they have never spoken those words ever? In this article, we will discuss more about your back pain, and different type of methods to heal it. Also, we will provide a lot of useful information how to prevent it.

How to approach it?

You should not put any pressure on your back for the first few days while taking ibuprofen (prescription) so you can reduce inflammation and reduce your pain. After these few days, it is important to start moving again. When you feel your back feels a bit better, then you must start to stretch. Following exercises are recommended, and you can do the ones that you feel comfortable with.



Ice First!
As an asset to reduce pain, ice is serving us really well. Ice will temporarily block your pain and it will help you to reduce your swelling. You should use this method few times a day, take some ice wrap it in a towel and place it on your swelling area. This is for the first 2 days.

Hot-Wet Method!
After 48 hours of using ice, you need to go to the hot-wet method, so you can stimulate your blood flow. Take a towel and place it in a hot water, after few minutes drain the towel and fold it. Lay on your stomach and place your towel on the painful area of your back. Stay in that position about 20 minutes. For the following 2-3 days, you should repeat this hot-wet method.

Should I Call a doctor?
Before you try any method or exercise you must know do you have the common type of pain, or if that is a medical problem that needs to be treated. Good physiotherapist or chiropractor can help if the condition is more serious.
Valerian pills are also good. 250mg, 4 times a day. Some scientist claim that the active ingredients of valerian, act with the receptors of your brain, in this case, they can be used as mild sedatives to reduce your pain.

Body Posture & Useful Tips.
You need to look for and to find, the body posture that is best for your back. If you are in front of a computer a lot, try using a stability ball as a chair. It will keep your core tight, and your back posture in top condition. Also, a good approach is to set a timer every 30 minutes, to remind yourself to stand up and stretch. While sleeping, if you sleep on your back, try putting a pillow under your knees and head. This will lower the pressure on your back. If you want to sleep on your side, then placing a pillow between your legs is a good idea. When you sit in an office chair, or at the house try to keep both of your feet flat on the floor, and your hips slightly above your knees. If you tend to have your wallet in your back pocket, you need to pull it out before you take a seat. When you have to stand for a long time, slightly lift one foot above the other, after a few days do the same process with your other foot. This alternative weight shifting enables for you to rest some of the tensed back muscles, instead of constantly putting pressure on them. While waking up, before you get out of bed it is really useful to stretch your arms above your head and to pull your knees towards your chest. When you get up, put your hands on your waist and slowly stretch your back.

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