Dealing with Shoulder Pain & Prevention

What we need to know about shoulder pain? Sudden pain in your shoulders can let you know that you may need to check your stomach or to check your lungs.

Shoulder pain it is often known as a “transmitted pain” – meaning the cause of getting your shoulders to hurt, happens somewhere else in your body. The pain in your shoulders, often comes as a transmitted pain from your stomach organs, like your stomach bag. Also, the pain in your shoulder can be caused by your lungs. Of course you can feel shoulder pain, if you have had an injury, or if this pain is related to your neck caused by bad posture, drafty rooms etc. 

Identify what is the cause of your shoulders to hurt!
If you do not believe there is a reason for your shoulders to hurt, and yet you feel pain consulting a doctor is a no:1 priority. Unless you had an injury, isolated pain on your shoulders is really rare. Usually, shoulders will hurt along with your neck, so a good way to recognize is if you feel isolated pain in your shoulders and you have never had an injury. In this case may feel transmitted pain and that is a clear signal you need to get yourself checked.
In 90% of the cases, your shoulder and neck pain will be combined, meaning that you need to change some of your habits that is causing this to happen. You can use the same preventive method and approach as described in our earlier publication: Dealing With Neck Pain & Prevention.

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