A lot of researchers related to the development of a child put emphases on the earliest experiences a young one gets that are in direct correlation with his family, especially with his mother and father.

Today will talk about an ancient behavior pattern or reaction, we as humans carry on as a survival instinct called fight-or-flight reaction. And we will describe what happens to our body when experienced with fear.

An intelligent brain just like a smart car, it can go the extra miles with less fuel. Now we will analyze a study conducted by Richard Haier (University of California and Irvine).

There are a lot of IQ tests online, where you can get an approximate guess of your IQ. Also, a lot of really interesting researches based on the IQ and placing bets are conducted.

One of the main reasons responsible for this menace is exclusion. Now we have more types of exclusion, among which the most devastating ones are the exclusion from the labor market and the exclusion from the family.

Leaving home is the key process for understanding how some young people become homeless. This process has become more difficult in recent years as a result of housing and labor market conditions.

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