Pros and Cons of a Smart Brain!

An intelligent brain just like a smart car, it can go the extra miles with less fuel. Now we will analyze a study conducted by Richard Haier (University of California and Irvine).

This person studied brains of individuals during a test. He monitored something called “glucose metabolization” that is the energy required for the organs in your body to function normally. He managed to show that intelligent or so-called smart brains can shift into cruise control faster, while less advanced thinkers need to keep on pushing (put on the gas pedal) in order to complete their task.

Although a lot of us would assume that the brain of advanced thinkers would work harder than the brain of an individual who did poorly on the IQ test, actually the opposite is true. An Intelligent brain works less and achieves better results. As we relate this to the car industry, we should be aware that high-performance engines require expensive maintenance, even though not often a check must be made. What do we mean by that? It tells you that you need to cultivate your thoughts, to filter out the negative and remove it, to keep the positive even if you have to impose positivity by yourself in your thoughts. The brain needs a challenge, play another sport, learn another language otherwise, it can get bored. In addition, if it does, well it will become your worst enemy. You can read more about this in the following article:
Does Boredom have a price?”

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