The First Experience of a Child!

A lot of researchers related to the development of a child put emphases on the earliest experiences a young one gets that are in direct correlation with his family, especially with his mother and father.

When parents really early pick up on baby’s signs the right way, and in the right time with a lot of love respond in meeting the baby’s needs biological and psychological, in time the baby will gain a feeling of comfort, protection, and love. It will result in the baby gaining confidence in his family, and parents.

If later when educating the child, parents remain decent in rewards, saying NO to certain actions the child does, giving the necessary support and love the child needs, of course big condition is understanding the emotional needs and respecting the child’s personality, the trust child got in the early development will just be confirmed.  The result is that child is on a good path to grow up to a teen and later an adult who will be well centered, happy, fulfilled person.
A child who trusts his parents, and is growing in an emotionally healthy family will take the parents measure to make a difference between right or wrong, between good or bad, between what is decent and acceptable for society, of what is allowed and what is not. Everything that the child receives from his parents, will stay with him and will become a part of his personality.

The limitations and the “what not to do” restrictions, that are given by the parents, the child will accept only because of the love given by the parents, and most importantly because the child trusts his parents. The newborns, although are completely helpless, and depending on their surroundings, have much more reactions than we think they have. They can distinguish smell and taste, touch and movements, also they can hear and slowly recognize the volume of our voice, they know when we are angry, when we are sad, and when we are happy, and believe it or not by our body language and our voice tone. All those reactions, makes the newborns fell both safe and loved or the opposite.

So to simplify the emotional development is something that is inevitable for a human being to go through during his life, and will that outcome be positive or not, it really depends the person parents’ behavior while he was young.
The Baby is born with inherited genetics from his parents, genetics that determines his height, built, the color of the eyes and hair, a part of the nervous system and brain structure, his temper etc. His social skills, on the other hand, are somehow unique for every person (speech, the way of thinking, analyzing, learning etc.) are being developed by the child’s surroundings and society where it has grown up.

Touch and hugs are one of the most important tools for developing baby’s feelings for mutual love and connection with his parents. While the child is young it is really important for his parents to hold and to walk with the child so it can hear different sounds, and see different things. One way of slowly revealing your child the environment where it is growing up. 

Babies do not need absolute silence or dark, what they need is to get adjusted to the voice of their parents, grandparents, to listen to music and other sounds. That is how we can stimulate the development of hearing that is a prerequisite skill for development of speech. Also when the baby is exposed to different sounds it will be less fearful while growing up, and subconsciously in future will better accept the environment that comes across with.

Summary: One of the most important thing during the first year of the baby’s life is understanding and fulfilling all his biological and psychological needs. Also stimulating the development of its skills like hearing and later speech, with a lot of love and positivity. 

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