Ancient Yoga Method (Brain Boost)

Yogic activities are the best way for you to boost your brainpower. The different patterns of breathing that Kundalini yoga teaches, effect on different areas on the brain

in the same way the computer programs effect the computer to behave in different ways. This breathing pattern will expand and integrate your mind. Here is the exercise: Sit on a flat floor, get your spine straight, place your feet to touch the floor. Your eyes need to focus on the point where your eyebrows and nose meet.

Close your eyes while holding them in that position. While in that position rest your left hand on your lap, and use the thumb of your right hand to close your right nostril. This is the position you are looking for: 

Now inhale, once you do use your right little finger to cover your left nostril and then exhale. 

Recommended time for this breathing pattern is 11 minutes or less. You will achieve more powerful effect by taking deeper breaths.

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