The Goal of your Spiritual Path

Independent from the depth of your spiritual nature, spending time in calmness and silence, in time will enhance your ability to be more open to a different variety of possibilities that come to your life, instead of being tied only to some of them.

That will open the universal question of your life path. Looking at yourself more as a universal and less as a personal entity, you will be able to see more options for yourself, and it will shift your thinking from the ones you thought had available. Being rich in life is less than just having money, and more of having good health, being surrounded with the people you love and making your mark in this world by doing what you love to do.

You will be a lot wealthier when you realize that what happens to you in this moment can be interpreted in different ways, and then you can assign different emotions to it. By doing so you will start to look at a variety of options to resolve your difficulty much more easily, and you will realize that what seems to be an obstacle or a hard stop in your progress, may also have a different outcome from what you thought it will.
The tool that we call meditation will give you starting advantage in what is needed for you to feel stronger, to get clearness into your thoughts, to sharpen up your goals, and most important to give you the sense of serenity you long for. The goal of the spiritual path is not to change your mind, but to expand it, so you can use your mind to its full potential in every moment of your life. Using that potential you can see a great number of opportunities for yourself, and then: you will start even considering the dreams you were afraid of, the ones that looked like a long shot for you in the first place, to take action and progress in doing what your inner-self tells you to do. Then using your creativity and intuitiveness you can make the right choice for yourself.

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